We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Jamei today. For ten years he was Machaela’s best buddy. He never had much to do with any of the rest of us, until we painted our bedroom blue and then, suddenly, our room was his favorite room. Over the last few years, he would brave the dogs everyday to cuddle with me on the bed.

Machaela rescued him, and he knew it. Ten years ago, we were in Pet Smart and Machaela went over to see the cats stacked in cages against the wall. Immediately, a male, black cat caught her eye. When she asked the attendant if she could hold him, the lady explained that he didn’t like people. She said he was feral, and had been found near a dumpster. She said he wouldn’t let anyone hold him, and was scheduled to be put down within days. Machaela insisted. The lady, still doubtful, let her try to get him out of the cage. It was love at first site. Jamei didn’t resist at all, in fact, he went to her happily and snuggled in her arms. There was no doubt he was coming home with her.

You could tell he had lived a wild life. He had battle scars on his ears and his left eye was damaged. Eventually, his eye would have to be removed, but it never bothered Jamei.

He had the oddest little meow. Unless he was really mad, it came out almost like a whisper. Machaela said he sounded like his squeaker was broken.

He loved steak and he loved lettuce. If either were left unattended he would help himself, using both paws like hands, to daintily eat what he could.

He followed Machaela around, and would come when she called him, just like a dog. We didn’t hear him purr for years, but as he grew friendlier with people other than Machaela, he began to purr more often. He liked to, of all things, have his gums rubbed, and Machael would oblige him. He loved to have his face rubbed most of all and he would get between you and whatever else your hands were doing, to achieve that goal. He’d return the favor by nuzzling your hand.

Even today, when he was so sick, he was gentle and loving.

I have had quite a few cats in my life, and I’ve loved most of them. Never, has there been a cat like Jamei. I know he could feel our love right up until the end. He was a silky, soft ball of pure joy and we will never forget him. There will always be a Jamei shaped hole in our hearts.Jamei