There are answers, I believe that. There are things that need to be done, but aren’t being done. We spent the day yesterday in downtown Atlanta, in the very places I saw on the news last night. I have separated myself from the news for over a year because it’s overwhelming and upsetting, and I feel like I can’t do anything to help other than get more upset. But, it is hard to avoid something like what is happening now.

I noticed people yesterday, had a conscious thought about what color they were, something I have never done before in my life, but have found myself doing increasingly more and more over the last six years. Yesterday I noticed even more, but it was all a good thing. Everyone was helpful and friendly, even though we were at places that can bring out the worst of people, places you have to wait your turn, Vital Records and the DMV. People were smiling and talking across color lines. I never heard anyone mention Ferguson, though Mama over heard a conversation between two older black gentlemen saying they wished people would get upset over the black on black murders in Chicago and across the country, that issue made sense to them. I just noticed babies, of all colors, waiting in the arms of mothers of all different colors. Men of all colors giving up their seats to women of all colors. People waiting patiently together.

There are answers. But, the answers won’t be found in the self serving Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; they won’t be found in the hate mongering KKK; they won’t be found in the well meaning white college students yelling black slogans; or by the angry black people yelling catch phrases; the answers won’t be found by people burning and looting cars or businesses owned by people who had nothing to do with anything. What we really need, the only thing that will ever work, is for men like Regie Hamm and Johnathan Gentry to sit down together to find a way to teach this country how to live together, with respect and love, for each other and ourselves. If people can get along happily at the DMV, there is hope, if we want it.